Life is shaped by the Lilies we pick.

What is Lilium Entertainment?

Lilium Entertainment, LLC is a company/community hybrid dedicated to lesbian-themed media and to work with content creators; animation and comics of different origins, games, movies and other means of entertainment. Funded and owned by Alejandra Flores. It started in 2017 and in the year of existence, it gained a positive reaction and support by the followers of the genre.

The purpose of Lilium Entertainment is to create opportunity, and provide services dedicated to dedicated to content creators such as artists, comic artists, writers, game developers and media creators of the Yuri, GL or also known as w|w or F/F genre from different origins and regions, in which they can be able to enjoy facilitation for audience and consumers to find their content.

Our company and community is managed entirely online with a passionate team of individuals dedicated in a similar level to the kind of entertainment in question.

Where can you find us?

Come and join our beautiful community!


1 • Treat others how you wish to be treated, so be kind and courteous. Respect everyone regardless of gender, ethics and age. Do not harass other members or insult the community and what it stands for as a whole.

2 • CURSING IS OKAY. But never make racists, derogatory, and threatening comments towards others here, even on the #meme-trashcan channel, we are all here because we share a common bond.

3 • Do not send NSFW content outside of #nsfw channels.

4 • Don’t link illegal comics (manga, manhua, manhwa) in the server. Only those that are free to share outside of Japan or are published with the intention. If you want to do it through DMs, that’s your responsibility.

5 • Do not advertise your server or any other kind of advertising without permission, this will result in 1st time: a warning and deletion of the message, 2nd time: merciless ban.

6 • Post in the correct channels and do not spam. While reaction spam isn't as invasive, please keep it moderated. Also do not abuse the topic bots.

7 • While posting an image without source isn't an automatic warning and would only be deleted, if you continuously post the same image after being called out, then you will be breaking a rule.

8 • Please remember there will be minors in here so sensitive topics and expressions may be seen offensive, keep them in the NSFW channels.

9 • No personal information, addresses, phone numbers.

10 • Repeated offenders will be placed in time-out for a period of time. If it continues, they will be banned from the server permanently.

11 • In case you are discovered to have lied about your age, you will be immediately banned. We are not going to be responsible for you lying about it.

12 • No Lolicon / child-ish anatomy, bestiality, vomit, scat, gore, watersports kink NSFW images allowed at all on this server.

13 • Respect the admins and mods at all times. Disrespecting an admin will result to an immediate termination. The same if blocking the owner or 2iC. Even through an "offensive" reaction to a message/announcement.

14 • Creators, the members that post their creations on #arts-n-crafts and #arts-n-crafts-nsfw should be respected and respect each other's creations. Insulting a creator or their creations will result in a ban.

15 • No backseat Modding or team tagging a troublemaker. Admins and Crusaders are here to keep peace the best we can. A troll gets worse when cornered and we don't want that either. Help us make it easy by allowing us to do our work. In case we are not around, Strikers and Trial Knights are the next groups to tag and ask for help. Thank you.

16 • #introduce-yourself is not for you to treat it like a dating site. Please introduce Yourself. Not following this rule will result in a warning. And if it continues, it will result into muting.

17 • Muting or disabling @ everyone and @ here mentions isn't hard (check #faq-partnership-otherinfo for instructions! HAH), so complaining about pings will get you banned Using :AngryBork: or cute ping emotes is fine though. In moderation, however.

18 • Make sure to check the channel topics of the channels and keep conversation in the correct channels.

Flower Gifting:
Lilium Ent. has currency which we manage with limits.
Donators, those citizens with the Noble support role, are only allowed to gift 20,000 flowers per user every two months and plant thrice (3 times) a day a maximum of 1,000 flowers.
Normal Citizens are only allowed to gift 10,000 flowers per user every two months and plant thrice (3 times) a day a maximum of 200 flowers.

Important Disclaimer:
When we ban a member it is for a good reason or high suspicious behavior. We conduct a lot of investigation, observation and discussion and while we understand you might not like someone you believed as your friend to be gone, then my only words for that are: Just because they are your friends and you have your perception on them doesn't mean we will turn our eyes away if we believe our members could be in danger. It is our duty and responsibility to prevent anything harmful to happen to any of you. We are willing to hear out and apologize if we make a mistake. But please understand our decisions are made for the well-being of this community.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's "Yuri"?
Yuri (百合, "lily"), also known by the wasei-eigo (Japanese language expressions based on English words or parts of words combinations) construction Girls' Love. A Japanese jargon term for content and a genre involving love between women in manga, anime, and related Japanese media. Yuri focuses on the sexual orientation or the romantic orientation aspects of the relationship, or both, the latter of which sometimes being called shōjo-ai by Western fandom.

Can I have the Smol role as well as the 18+ role?
Nope. Only one of them.

I am seeing a lot other roles besides the ones on the list, what are them?
Those are the roles available on Lily's Shop. To see it type: .shop on #spam-commands.

What are those flowers?
The currency that Lily uses, they are used to claim waifus, play, buy roles, etc. There is other currency which it's Tatsu's, but they are only for Tatsu's stuff.

The UB3r bot and Media Updates shows NSFW links, why can't I do it?
Aleph: Being the owner of this server, I am the one who will get in trouble for whatever happens here. I am the one with the major responsibility, so I always make sure that everything follows not only the TOS, but the laws in general. All the sources given by the bots are properly tagged and I am close to people in charge of them, or I am just very familiar with them, they are sources I can fully trust. While you might trust your sources or believe you are doing the necessary, that does not mean I do, it's out of my full judgement, so It's not the same case. Nothing personal. Thank you for understanding.

Why do we ask age?
We would like to avoid any incident involving minors such as exposing them to explicit material or sexualizing them. Even if you are not interested in seeing NSFW, don’t worry, the nsfw-parlor is only for talk, you can mute or completely ignore the other nsfw channels.

What is Manga/Manhwa/Manhua?
Manga is the japanese term for a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels, typically aimed at adults as well as children. Manhwa is the term in korean and Manhua the term in chinese.

Who do I go to if I need help?
You can @ Crusaders or @ Striker in an emergency, go to #help or DM them if the issue is of private nature.

Why is the word "Trap" banned?
It's been officially taken as an offensive word for the trans community and we are a very trans-friendly server, so we deserve the right to prohibit that word being used. The first time you use it, you will get a verbal warn, so please do not repeat or a ban will be considered. Use the words: Crossdresser or androgynous.

Why do you ask source in the image sharing channels?
Two reasons: We want to create a place that truly gives the message "Creators, we want to support you." in this case it's ethical. The other reason is legal, we would like to avoid legal issues as possible.

I am new to discord, can you give me some guide on how to use it?
If you are using discord from your browser, we recommend to download the software from
And basics about discord can be found here:
If you still need help, don’t worry, you can always ask the moderators a.k.a Crusaders or Striker